FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version (Feb 2023) Direct Link Official Fouad Mods

FM WhatsApp APK Free Download Latest Version 2023 [Fouad Mods v9.54. FM WhatsApp APK Download Free Latest Version 2023 Download the most recent FM WhatsApp Fouad WhatsApp official 2023 version. The FM WhatsApp APK is a customized version of the WhatsApp messenger. You can download and install the latest version on your Android device.

WhatsApp is now one of the most popular messaging apps on the market. It was estimated in 2017 that the app has over 1.5 billion active monthly users. Because of the app’s popularity, other users have created their own mods and knock-off apps. Designers of these APKs typically add features that are missing from the official app so that others can enjoy them. FM WhatsApp APK – Fouad WhatsApp is just one of many mods available. Before we go any further, did you know that you can find more mods on

FM WhatsApp APK Free Download Latest Version 2023

Download FM WhatsApp APK (Fouad WhatsApp) 2023

Users are constantly expecting more from messaging apps like WhatsApp. Users are turning to WhatsApp for more customization options and features to help them stalk a friend or a former flame. FM WhatsApp downloads on any device due to these options.

Many people believe that using a modified version of WhatsApp will result in a ban from the original app. This is not correct, as we provide anti-ban APK download links on our website. FM WhatsApp APK can be easily downloaded and used on any device without being banned.

You can send messages, make calls, and send files to each other through chat, just like in the official version of the app. You can, however, customize your interface and chat screen, go incognito, and view your friends’ deleted stories with FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp provides features that the original app does not.

FM WhatsApp APK – Fouad WhatsApp APK latest version 2023 is available for download. The most recent version of the App is available below. In the following section, you can find older versions of FM WhatsApp.

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FM WhatsApp (Fouad Mod WhatsApp) APK Download

App NameFM WhatsApp APK
VersionLatest Version
Size64.2 MB
Total Downloads5M+
RequirementAndroid 4.4 and higher
Last updated1 day ago

What is FM WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp APKs. It was created by Fouad Mokdad, who also created FM GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and other APKs.

This mod, like others of its kind, allows you to customize your plain old interface with various wallpapers, themes, and fonts. Fouad WhatsApp also aids in security by including an app lock with a password that you can change.

In this article, we’ll go over Fouad WhatsApp APK and FM WhatsApp, their various features, and where you can get safe versions of the mods.

This article will introduce you to Fouad WhatsApp APK and FM WhatsApp, their various features, and where you can easily download them.

FM WhatsApp APK Download Direct Link

We recommend that you download “FM WhatsApp APK from Fouad Mods.” If you have trouble downloading it, try the alternate version.

Download FM WhatsApp v19.52.3 APK (By Fouad MODS) – Recommended

Download FM WhatsApp v21.21.2 (Alternative Version)

Download FM WhatsApp v9.54F (FM-Mods)

Download FM WhatsApp by XDA (Discontinued)

XDA was one of the first developers of WhatsApp Mods like FMWhatsApp. The developers, on the other hand, have stopped releasing new versions of any mods. The most recent version was released in 2020. This page contains the most recent 2020 version.

FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2023 Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Hide blue tick
  • Freeze last seen
  • Remove forwarded tag
  • Hide typing and recording action
  •

Note: FM WhatsApp is available for download on all Android devices. This means that users can get FM WhatsApp for Xiaomi, FM WhatsApp for Mi, FM WhatsApp for Samsung, FM WhatsApp for Vivo, FM WhatsApp for Oppo, and FM WhatsApp for Real me phones from our website. FM WhatsApp APK will work on any Android device, including Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Real me, and Samsung.

Download FM WhatsApp old Versions

FM WhatsApp 19.35.10

FM WhatsApp 19.35.8

FM WhatsApp 19.35.7

FM WhatsApp 19.35.6

FM WhatsApp 19.35.4

FM WhatsApp 19.35.3

Moving on to our app discussion, keep in mind that developers create mods for those who are unable to use the official WhatsApp and want to spice things up. With different mods, you can show off your new and improved WhatsApp mods to your friends and family, allowing the mods to spread faster.

Moving on to our discussion of these WhatsApp mods, it is important to note that these mods are typically created by developers for users who are unable to use the official WhatsApp and want more features on the app. You can share your new and improved WhatsApp mods with your loved ones by using these various Mods.

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How to Install FM WhatsApp APK on your Android Device

We strongly advise you to backup your messages and media files before installing the WhatsApp mod on your device. Backing up is critical because uninstalling the app will result in the erasure of all app data from the device. Failure to backup your files will result in their permanent deletion.

FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

We’ve written instructions on how to download and install the mods on your device below:

  1. Before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp, make a backup of your messages and media files. To back up your files, follow the steps below:
    • Open WhatsApp and select the Menu option.
    • Select Settings.
    • Select Chats.
    • Select Chat Backup.
    • When you click the Backup button, your data will be saved on a cloud storage service.
  2. When prompted, enable “Unknown Sources” before installing the app. The following are the steps to enable this option on your mobile device:
    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Select Security.
    • Turn on “Unknown Sources.”
  3. Look in your downloads folder or file manager for the APK file.
  4. Select the APK file.
  5. Select the “Install” option.
  6. It is possible that installation will take a few seconds.
  7. Click the Open or Done buttons to start or finish the installation.
  8. Launch the newly installed application.
  9. After the launch, click “Agree and Continue.”
  10. Enter your phone number and press the “Copy WhatsApp Data” button.
  11. If you followed all of the steps above, you should have successfully backed up your account. Select the Restore option.
  12. The Fouad Mods option can be found in the Menu.

Fouad WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp features

You might be wondering what the main distinctions are between the two WhatsApp mods. There isn’t much of a difference, but if you want to compare the two mods, we’ve listed the descriptions and various features below.

WhatsApp Fouad, Following is a list of features available with Fouad WhatsApp once it has been successfully installed on your device. We recommend that you try each one on the list to see for yourself. You may be surprised at how much you can do with Fouad WhatsApp:

  • Place wallpapers on your home screen.
  • The ability to place an image next to the bubbles
  • Consider a conversation outside or inside.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) – Airplane Mode
  • Picture yourself in groups outside/inside.
  • Before Applying Selected Tab, Preview Entries Style In the Main Screen, underline colour Line colour between chats
  • Color of Date Pending Message in Main Screen Date Color in Main Screen
  • Color should be mentioned in Main Screen Documents. Color of text in chat screen Mention colour in chat screen
  • Color of the voice note play button
  • Playback of voice notes
  • Color of the forward icon
  • Color of the foreground
  • Participants Blocker of Color Calls
  • Android 8.0+ White Navigation Bar
  • YoThemes Store design Azerbaijani language Saving themes automatically creates a ZIP file Brazilian to Portuguese translation
  • New Call Duplicate
  • In group chats, the nickname is not coloured.
  • Arabic message text size does not work.
  • With a YoWidget trick, you can get around WhatsApp’s lock.
  • Color options are not displayed on 8.0+
  • Yowidget is not displaying correctly in Arabic.
  • Viewing images are cropped due to the presence of a white status bar.
  • Messages that prevent deletion
  • Forward tagging has been disabled.
  • The loading theme does not apply to wallpaper because it hides media from the gallery.
  • WhatsApp is the incorrect size on some phones.
  • In RTL Speed, FAB moves to the right.
  • Fast Servers.

FMWhatsApp Features

The need for more features led to the idea of creating APK mods. The majority of games and apps have APK versions. APK version. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cost-free version or modified version, WhatsApp is no different from their version. Third-party mods are popular among users due to the additional features you don’t have in the original app in addition, FM WhatsApp gives you just the features you need.

In this article we’ll explain the various functions of FMWhatsApp and the way it functions so that you can decide whether you’d like to install it on your device.

Freeze your last seen

You don’t wish anyone to explain the app’s messaging features The original version allows you to conceal your last message. But, you won’t be able to see the last messages that others have seen regardless of whether they have turned off theirs that prevents the user from seeing their activity on their account. FMWhatsApp is quite different.

With FMWhatsApp, you are able to monitor your friends’ activities however they aren’t able to be able to do the same for you. This feature lets you conceal your last message from public view, but you’ll still be able to see the last time your contacts were seen.

Hide the status of the application in FMWhatsApp

Have you ever wanted to be a part of other people’s activities but not be not How about watching your friends’ posts without their knowing? With FMWhatsApp you have the ability to do exactly this!

Although it may sound creepy, we realize that you may want to see the tales of someone you’re watching without anyone noticing. In this regard you can block the status of your screen using FMWhatsApp’s feature.

Hide is delivered with blue ticks

There are instances when we’re too busy to respond to messages, and then accidentally leave our friends in the dark. While it’s only a minor error but it causes problems in relationships and friendships in particular if it happens frequently. Perhaps you’re not ready to formulate the perfect response but. In any case, hiding the blue tick is crucial for these kinds of situations. With FMWhatsApp the blue tick will not appear on the friends’ WhatsApp until you’ve responded to them. This means that you’ll be able to continue scrolling through your messages, without feeling required to respond instantly.

Hide the keyboard and record actions text:

Have you ever looked at your phone and having no clue how to respond to that text? It’s even more embarrassing when you discover that the app for messaging has displayed your contact’s name and that you’ve been typing an extended period of period of time. With FMWhatsApp you can take a break and write the perfect message until you’re prepared to deliver it!

The mod lets you conceal the typing and recording indicator, so that you don’t need to provide an answer quickly.

Send a message to a number, without conserving any contact information

Sometimes, we must make calls to numbers to complete certain transactions. But, it does not mean you want their contact number to be in your phone’s contacts list for ever. With FMWhatsApp it is possible to accomplish exactly this!

This mod allows you to send messages and not save the phone number. This feature will save you the hassle of having to delete the number once you’ve sent the one message. This feature is great for people who have to communicate with a lot of people but have no personal connection with anyone for instance, a person running the online operations of a business.

Tags that forward forwarded are disabled in messages

In the first app, your contacts will be notified when it’s a forwarding message. With FMWhatsApp you are able to send cool words and engaging content, without having to be criticized for being unoriginal. Utilize FMWhatsApp to ensure that you’re able to continue to be the cool guy who isn’t with your family and friends.

Select who may contact you

Sometimes, receiving calls can be quite irritating, particularly when the caller is persistent in calling you back. With FMWhatsApp you are able to decide who is able to call you and who you can’t. This feature is very nice particularly for the friend who has a sour calling tone, don’t you think?

Anti-delete status, messages and notifications:

Another method to track other users’ activities is to check the posts that they’ve deleted. FMWhatsApp allows you to see stories and statuses which have already been removed.

This feature isn’t limited to statuses or stories however. If a friend has deleted a message due to the fact that it was not sent to the right person, or they made a mistake in sending a text it is still visible the message. This feature can be useful to time with your friends.


Are you bored of the same old boring theme? Perhaps you’re sick of the rigidity in WhatsApp’s standard font. Whatever the reason, FM WhatsApp has the solution you’ve been searching for. Take a look at Fouad WhatsApp! It lets you change WA colors themes and save status, as well as block last seen and also has a call blocker! download from:

The app offers options such as wallpapers, themes as well as fonts and changing the interface. With the wide range of customizable options it is possible to design the application to be exactly how you want it. What’s the best part about it? It’s free.

For an uninfected version FM WhatsApp you can download it on our site. These versions have been tested against malware as well as anti-ban. If you’re still not sure whether your number will be removed by WhatsApp its original application, you can test it with an alternative number or a temporary one to use the features.

Why is FM WhatsApp Not Installing?

If FMWhatsApp isn’t installed on your device You should attempt to delete first. It could be that your phone does not have enough space for FMWhatsApp. To clear space on your phone, eliminate apps that you do not need or other apps which aren’t essential. After removing the app you may try installing it once more. If you’re experiencing difficulties in the process of installing, you should also look into the settings on your device.

If you have an unstable or weak network then it could be difficult downloading FMWhatsApp. Try updating the network, or reboot your router to resolve the problem. If you are running the most recent version of Android then it is much simpler to download the FMWhatsApp’s APK. Because FMWhatsApp APK isn’t on the Google Play Store, you have to download it on this page. Before downloading the APK clear your device’s cache to ensure that the installation process is effortless. FMWhatsApp does not infringe or alter WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. After installation, confirm your mobile number with SMS verification.

It is possible to download, install and upgrade FM WhatsApp APK from our page to use all of the features at no cost. The APK version we provided has an Anti-ban option. Additionally, users are able to return to original WhatsApp when they wish. Get FM WhatsApp APK 2023 here.

How to Update FM WhatsApp?

To upgrade FMWhatsApp First of all you should ensure that your version is current. This can be accomplished by going to Malavida’s website. Malavida website and then writing in the number of your version for the application you are using. After that, you can compare the number with the version number that’s within your system. If they’re identical the numbers, you’re in date. If there’s a difference, you’ll need upgrade the app to the most recent version. Before you update, be sure you backup your conversations.

In the first place, you need to ensure you have a reliable Internet connection. This is important since FMWhatsApp will not function as well in the absence of a reliable connection. It is also important to ensure that your phone has enough storage space for downloading the most recent version. If that doesn’t work Try clearing out any unnecessary files and applications on your phone. After that, you can install the latest Version of FMWhatsApp.

The second step is to ensure that you backup your FMWhatsApp information. If you back up the data you’ll be able to preserve your conversations even after you upgrade FMWhatsApp. This can be done by accessing the settings of the app. In this manner you will be able to save your conversations as well as media.

FMWhatsapp comes with an anti-delete feature. This feature blocks the message from users who has deleted messages. This can prevent users from accidentally deletion of messages. Additionally, FMWhatsApp offers other features such as pattern lock or PIN FMThemes, PIN lock, and many more. You can pick from more than 2000 font designs and themes.

Another advantage to FMWhatsApp is that it is frequently up-to-date. The most recent version has additional features, such as more customizable fonts, emojis and themes. The app is available for Android as well as iOS and is regularly updated. Maintaining the app’s update is vital for users who wish to make the most out of it.

Another significant feature FMWhatsApp provides is high-end privacy features. This feature lets you conceal the last online status as well as the blue tick and second tick. It also allows you to disable messages and calls. This feature can be useful when you run your own business or have an online. FMWhatsApp is also equipped with the most up-to-date blocker functions for calls.

FMWhatsApp has also launched a variety of new themes that can assist you in customizing the chat window. You can change the font used in chat messages. Additionally, you can erase old messages and stories. This update also resolves issues you may encounter. You can also choose to use different languages to alter the look and feel of FMWhatsApp.

To upgrade FMWhatsApp ensure that your phone runs Android 4.4 or greater in addition to being connected internet. Install the APK file using the above link and ensure that you select the unknown sources option prior to installing it. When the download is finished you can click on the FMWhatsApp APK application to download. Remember to back up your original account prior to installing this.


What is different from WhatsApp as well FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp has the features WhatsApp users want in the original application. From hiding your status to modifying your application, this mod comes loaded with features that aren’t normally found in WhatsApp’s official version. WhatsApp.

What’s FM WhatsApp? Does it work?

FM WhatsApp is an updated version of the well-known messaging app WhatsApp. It gives users different options and features that WhatsApp does not offer.

What is the best way to download and install FM WhatsApp?

There are many download hyperlinks via the Internet. Since it’s not an official app of WhatsApp it is not available it on the official distribution platform of your device. When downloading mods downloaded from the Internet be sure the source you downloaded from is secure.

What’s the distinction from WhatsApp as well as Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is an upgraded alternative to WhatsApp. It has a number of additional features in comparison to WhatsApp. WhatsApp.

Are we able to make use of the two apps Fouad WhatsApp as well as the WhatsApp app in conjunction?

Yes. Since both mods have distinct file names, you are able to install both mods in your mobile. But , you’ll need to have different mobile phone numbers for each application.

Can we use the Fouad WhatsApp app for IOS?

No. Unfortunately, there’s an IOS version that works with Fouad WhatsApp.


If you’ve used an app for a long time the app can become monotonous, even though they’re working perfectly. There’s nothing wrong with making some modifications for your application. So long as you’re cautious about the possibility that you could be blocked by WhatsApp.

If you’d like to modify the appearance and experience of the WhatsApp messaging application You can alter the default colors of its theme with the help of FMWhatsApp. There are many themes available. It is also possible to import themes from outside sources using XML files. If you’d like to modify the appearance of your phone more, you can alter the fonts and colors of your phone.

What have you experienced mods? Are you a user of FMWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp previously? Tell us about what you’ve experienced in the comments section below.

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